Agricultural Association Membership Golden Age Biotech Vic Beginning to emerge, bucking the trend

Golden Age Biotech Vic Overview


On November 2, 2021, Daney Xu, President of ACABA Association, visited the factory headquarters of Golden Age Biotech Vic, a member of the Association, in Dandennong. General Manager Hua Fei received him as a representative of the factory.


Mr. Hua first thanked the association for his visit, and then introduced the situation of the company in detail. The factory was built in March 2021. It is a bio-extraction technology company. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of bovine heparin sodium intermediates and semi-finished beef casings. It is worth noting that this type of special industry enterprise is the first ever in Australia Golden age.


Considering that the annual slaughtering volume of beef cattle in Victoria is about 1.8-2 million heads, and the small intestine of cattle is a waste part of low economic value in the traditional slaughtering field in Australia, theoretically speaking, the stock of raw materials for production is huge and relatively easy to obtain. This is undoubtedly a huge natural advantage for Golden Age. Not only that, as a natural anticoagulant, heparin sodium is widely used in modern medicine. The global market has always been in short supply of heparin sodium products, so the sales process is the last thing to worry about. . It is no exaggeration to say that the heparin preparation industry in Australia is a perfect combination.


Going against the trend under the epidemic

Mr. Hua also introduced that the initial stage of building the factory was not smooth sailing. Chinese private entrepreneurs encountered difficulties in Australia, which is also reflected in the fact that in China, a modern factory is built from scratch, from hardware to software construction. Not easy, let alone in Australia. Not to mention that every brick, every edge and every corner of the factory needs to be carefully designed, customized, purchased to final assembly. Just learning the parts that meet the requirements of Australian localization regulations is enough to cause headaches. During the construction of the factory, the factory successively obtained 5 certificates including business license, food safety, HACCP, AUS-Meat issued by Victoria Bio.


Under the epidemic, the company’s operations have been subject to some restrictions, mainly reflected in the impact on the attendance of workers, resulting in low production efficiency. The factory’s production capacity is only used to 20%, and many orders cannot be delivered as scheduled, but even so, the factory is still in 2021. It has achieved a profit of more than 24%, which is not weak, and has to make people look forward to the future.


Professional winning industry leading


Afterwards, Mr. Hua led us to visit the production workshop of Golden Age. The clean workshop environment and sophisticated production equipment left a deep impression. The designed production capacity of the factory is 1,500 billion units of heparin sodium intermediate and 1 million semi-finished beef casings annually. Bundle. It is understood that any scale with a production capacity of more than 1 trillion units belongs to the leader level in the industry.


During the period, Chang talked about future plans. With the current Golden Age Victoria factory as the headquarters, it is expected that the second and third factories will be set up in Queensland and New South Wales to absorb the resources of cattle small intestines from slaughterhouses all over Australia. The scale of the new factory will be larger than The larger one at the Victorian headquarters.


Cooperation and win-win future can be expected


In this interview, we can deeply feel that Hua is always a person with a good temperament. He has expressed his gratitude to the association for visiting many times. The successful operation of an enterprise, in addition to professional ability, is also inseparable from the leadership of the enterprise The personal charisma of people, I feel this enthusiasm all the time during the conversation. In general, under the leadership of President Hua, Golden Age has taken a solid step in a short period of time. In the dilemma of the epidemic, Golden Age has emerged and bucked the trend. On this occasion, the grand blueprint has been outlined, and a brilliant future is worth looking forward to.


During the exchange, Mr. Hua also talked about some problems that the company has to solve at present, and hoped that the association would come forward to help solve it. During the writing of this article, the association is going all out to solve it. In the days to come, we will also continue to establish a dialogue mechanism, play a coordinating role, and do our job well to serve our members.