About Us

The Australia China AgriBusiness Association is a non-profit organization established in 2018, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. As one of the most influential organizations in the Australian agricultural sector, the association’s member companies cover a wide range of fields, including grain crops, forestry, fruits, seafood, meat products, dairy products, wine, fertilizers, wool products, agricultural processing, pet food, animal husbandry and plant breeding, agricultural machinery, agricultural technology, and new solar farms.


The association has established long-term cooperative relationships with the Australian federal government, state governments, local governments, universities, and business academic groups, receiving support and assistance from the Australian government. Additionally, the association has also established effective business cooperation mechanisms with agricultural professional associations, enterprises, and research institutions in China. This includes regular personnel exchanges, organizing seminars and exchange activities, promoting understanding and cooperation between agricultural industries and researchers from both countries.



The main activities of the association include:

  1. Promoting Australia-China agricultural industry cooperation: By organizing forums, seminars, and business negotiations, the association facilitates exchanges and collaboration between Australian and Chinese agricultural enterprises, establishing partnerships, and jointly carrying out agricultural projects.
  2. Promoting the exchange of agricultural scientific and technological achievements: Collaborating with Australian universities and research institutions, the association provides technical advice and support to Chinese agricultural enterprises and research institutions, promoting the transfer and application of agricultural technology, and enhancing the innovative capabilities of the Australia-China agricultural industry.
  3. Providing market information services: The association collects, organizes, and analyses market information, offering members relevant market dynamics, policy regulations, and trade opportunities, assisting companies in understanding market demands and expanding business channels.
  4. Promoting intergovernmental cooperation and dialogue: The association maintains close contact with the Australian federal government and relevant Chinese government departments, participating in the formulation and dialogue of agricultural industry policies, and advancing agricultural cooperation and exchanges between the two countries’ governments.
  5. Assisting in agricultural project investment matchmaking: The association integrates high-quality Australian agricultural resources and advanced agricultural technology, providing policy advice, project evaluation, and channel connections to Chinese investors. It collaborates with the Australian government, investment institutions, and professional firms to support Chinese enterprises and investment institutions in making sound investments in the Australian agricultural sector and reducing investment risks.


The Australia China AgriBusiness Association has always regarded promoting agricultural exchanges between Australia and China as its mission. It plans to establish a representative office in Beijing, the capital of China, engaging in deep cooperation and exchanges with Chinese government departments and enterprises, facilitating the transformation of agricultural research results, and creating a win-win situation for cooperation.