ACABA, together with its member units, participated in the Global Entrepreneur Summit

ACABA, together with its member units, participated in the Global Entrepreneur Summit.

From August 25th to 27th, the Sino-Australian Agricultural Association was invited to attend the HICOOL 2023 Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition. This is the largest global business event held in Beijing this year. Key leaders from the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, various ministries of the State Council, financial institutions, and other departments all attended this event. On the afternoon of the 26th, the Beijing Municipal Government and Shunyi District Government organized a special forum for the Australian delegation. Representatives from the ACABA introduced Australian agricultural products, new agricultural technologies, and their involvement in the revitalization of rural areas in China. They also expressed their desire to establish a technology research and development center in Beijing, especially in Shunyi District.

The Beijing Municipal Government and Shunyi District Government warmly welcomed the Sino-Australian Agricultural Association’s initiative to establish a research and development center in Shunyi and offered support and assistance in terms of funding, office space, and expert apartments. The ACABA will carefully select projects and apply for project implementation and financial support from the Beijing Municipal Government.

Furthermore, the ACABA will actively prepare for next year’s Entrepreneurship Competition in terms of products and technology, aiming to achieve concrete results at next year’s summit.

On the morning of the 27th, the ACABA held discussions with leaders of the Beijing Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprises Association regarding agricultural product trade, agricultural technology exchange, investment, as well as deep cooperation in exhibitions and specialized seminars. Both parties reached a high degree of consensus and will soon engage in negotiations for signing a strategic cooperation agreement and other forms of cooperation and exchange.

This marks another step for the Sino-Australian Agricultural Association in collaborating and exchanging with large domestic agricultural institutions, expanding the association’s influence in the Chinese market, and helping its members’ products and technologies enter the Chinese market.