2023 “Invest Shanghai, Share the Future” promotion event in Melbourne


From July 27th to July 30th, a delegation led by Vice Mayor Hua Yuan from Shanghai visited Australia and attended the 2023 “Invest Shanghai, Share the Future” promotion event in Melbourne. The Australia-China Agribusiness Association as a supporting partner, participated in the event on July 28th and signed cooperation agreements. Representatives from both Chinese and Australian government bodies, local businesses, and associations were present.

在活动中,东方商业集团与澳中农协签署了战略合作协议,并与农协会员单位Royal Fresh和Openway Food公司签署了水果和营养零食的采购协议。上海市商务委员会邀请农协在上海虹桥商务区设立办事处并提供免费办公场所。商务委员会和东方商业集团将为澳中农协在进博会和虹桥商务区的产品推广提供支持。

During the event, Eastern Commercial Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Australia-China Agribusiness Association and procurement agreements for fruits and nutrition snacks with Royal Fresh and Openway Food. The Shanghai Business Committee invited the association to establish an office in Shanghai and provide free office space. The committee and Eastern Commercial Group will facilitate product promotion at the Import Expo and in the Hongqiao Business District.


On the evening of 28 July, Australia-China Agribusiness Association hosted a “Melbourne Business Welcome Dinner” for the Shanghai delegation to welcome Deputy Mayor Hua Yuan and the Shanghai delegation. About 110 people attended the dinner, including government officials, business representatives and association representatives. Deputy Mayor Hua Yuan expressed his gratitude and proposed to further deepen the exchange and co-operation between Shanghai and ACABA. During the dinner, Australia-China Agribusiness Association presented the delegation with wine from its member organisations as a souvenir, and the Shanghai Municipal Government reciprocated with wall paintings showcasing Shanghai’s style. The members also prepared accompanying gifts with Australia-China Agribusiness Association’s speciality for the Shanghai delegation, all of which came from ACABA member organisations.


The atmosphere of the dinner was friendly and warm, and all parties enjoyed exchanges and interactions, looking forward to deepening the co-operation between Australia and Shanghai in the areas of agricultural trade, technology and investment. Leaders from the Shanghai Municipal Government and officials from the Victorian Government spoke highly of the dinner organised by the Association. It was the largest and highest profile business event organised by Australia China Agribusiness Association since its establishment!

The delegation visited member units’ wineries on July 29th, leaving a deep impression.Through this event, the Australia-China Agribusiness Association enhanced its social influence and laid the groundwork for future development.